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As a world-class business hub offering perfect luxury and all-year-round sunshine, Dubai is fast becoming a popular destination for expats or those seeking a different lifestyle on the Arabian Peninsul

Why Turkiye

Turkey is a vast country, over three times the size of the UK and some 25% larger than France. Straddling between Europe and Asia, with almost 7,000 kilometres of Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea,

Here is your simple guide to citizenship

1-Find the right property & right seller
2-Ask for independent Value
3-Make payment &get the TAPU
4-Get your compliance certificate
5-Get your residency permit
6-Make your application for citizenship

Why investing in Turkiye

1. Improved and Thriving Economy
2. The Increase Rate of Youth Population
3. Skilled and Competitive Workforce
4. Flexibility of Investment Atmosphere in Turkey
5. The Infrastructure
6. The Perfect Geographical Location
7. Largest Power Plant and Terminal in Europe
8. Low Costs of Taxation in Turkey
9. Membership in the European Customs Union
10. Large National Markets

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